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The official blog of Typlog.

How to switch from Fireside to Typlog

How to Redirect Old Post URLs in Batch

Import redirects mapping with a CSV file.

Podcast Membership

How to set up your podcast membership. How to subscribe to member-only RSS.

Get more from Metrics

We have redesigned our Metrics view in Typlog Admin.

Choose a Content License for Your Works

Added Support for Creative Commons Licenses and More

Generate Episode Cards That Are Easy to Share

Visualizing your voice makes it social-network-friendly

How to Subscribe a Podcast via Feed

Bypassing Platform Censorship Only Takes a Few Steps

Pricing Updates

Happy Thanksgiving. Subscribe Typlog for just $2.5/month.

Password Protected Posts

Typlog Pro writers can publish a password protected post now.

Photos in Markdown Editor

Enhancement on Typlog Markdown Editor with inline photos preview.
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